Waihi Beach RSA Sun Filters

The RSA's dining area previously had a big problem with excessive sunlight and resulting heat from very large north facing windows. We recommended 3% sun filter roller blinds which block out 97% UV and light without losing visibility. The result is a room that still takes full advantage of the RSA's fantastic view while protecting the interior of the RSA and keeping the room cool.


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Ranch Slider Security Door

Long, hot sunny days are not uncommon at Waihi Beach in summer. The owners of this home are no stranger to that, which is why they asked us to install a security door to their ranch slider. This enabled air flow through the house to prevent excessive heat build up, while keeping it secure from any potential theft in this popular area.


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Sunray Products

Sunray Products are a small but committed home improvement manufacturer, repairer and installer. We are based in Waihi, but our work and reputation stretch much further.

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